Who is eligible to apply?

Young researchers and Ph.D. students, but also quantum enthusiasts coming from the industry and outside of academia … Everyone who is passionate about quantum technologies, quantum computing, quantum machine learning, and quantum artificial intelligence is eligible to apply!

What is the application process?

At the moment there is no selection process: everyone who applies will be able to join.
On-site applications are limited by the capacity of the host venue.
To register for the summer school, please follow the instructions at:

What are the deadlines for applications?

Deadline for on-site application is: TBD ⚠️
Deadline for online application is: TBD ⚠️

Is there a fee to attend the summer school?

Yes, find out more at:

Are scholarships or financial aid available?

TBD ⚠️

Are the lectures and the invited talks recorded? Will they be shared with us?

TBD ⚠️

Will participants receive a certificate of attendance?

Every participant who attends at least 90% of the lectures will receive a certificate of attendance.

Can participants receive academic credit for attending the summer school?

Every participant who attends at least 90% of the lectures and passes a final test will receive a certificate of completion.
The final test is not mandatory and it is mainly organized for Ph.D. students who require to pass a test in order to receive academic credit.

What is the expected workload for participants during the summer school?

The lectures and tutorials will take about 6 hours per day. No additional coursework is required.

Will there be networking opportunities, social events, or cultural activities organized for participants?

Plenty of opportunities are available for all the participants: there will be frequent coffee breaks between the lectures, and an extended lunch break every day.
Additionally, we plan to organize a social dinner and a tour of the city.

What accommodation options are available for participants?

TBD ⚠️

What COVID-19 protocols will be in place to ensure the safety of participants?

Currently, there are no strict rules enforced on the national territory.
Anyway, we will promptly inform the registered participants if any safety measures become necessary.

Who should I contact if I have further questions about the summer school?

If you have any additional information or question, please send an email to info.eqai@gmail.com.